Offer Ben-Saadon The Saucemaker

Founder, Partner,
Chief Executive Officer,
Chief Marketing Officer


sauce·ma·ker noun /sôs ˈmākər/
The one who makes the secret sauce for optymizing our clients’ online portfolios. Head Honcho of the marketing and business development departments.

Offer’s Background

World traveler, serial entrepreneur, and carpenter. Offer Ben Saadon is a man of many talents.

Born and raised in Israel, and having served in the Israeli military, Offer went on to travel Asia and South America before settling in the US. It was there that Offer began learning the essentials of business and marketing i.e. the culinary art of sauce-making. It was this humble beginning in the kiosk business where Offer discovered he had a serious knack and passion for business, and he quickly found himself managing teams and multiple sales locations, and earning significant revenue. He had discovered a secret recipe for success.

Offer’s Secret Sauce

The secret recipe:

  • 1 part passion for the process
  • 1 part passion for the result
  • 2 parts fun

Mix all ingredients well, and do not stop mixing. There is always room for improvement and ways to make your sauce better. Keep it going, and enjoy what you are doing. The results will follow.

You have to care about the ingredients and the process if you want to get there.


From operating kiosks in 2003, Offer moved on to successfully build a number successful business. Along the way Offer mosied on down to Texas. It was among the cowboys and ranchers that Offer made a brief foray into real estate and discovered how powerful and effective online marketing could be. Applying his business and newly developed internet acumen, Offer was able to launch his next business venture, a locksmith business, into gastrointestinal bliss. What Offer knew was that online marketing could boost exposure and therefore sales, resulting in much much more sauce. Offer decided he was going to dedicate his culinary life to this particular kind of sauce making. In 2012 Offer and Sarah nailed the horseshoe over the barn door and the Optymizer Ranch was opened for business.

Optymizing on the ranch.

Beginning Optymizer

It was somewhere during this stretch of time that Offer met and married the girl of his dreams, a Texan girl named Sarah. Offer and Sarah founded Optymizer alone, but have since watched it grow. Offer’s role is simple: The goal is to make quality web design and internet marketing affordable and accessible to small and medium-sized business . Offer will happily tell you that the basic recipe is no secret: “You just have to connect the client’s vision with professional expertise, making sure the work fits our values and commitments.”

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