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Best SEO and PPC company in central Texas, been working with these guys for years and they keep getting us the best results on search engines and on Google

Dean Lavi

CEO, Pros On Call

There are some companies who are talking and promising results… And there are others like optymizer who actually deliver results!

Guy Naor

CMO, Overtok

Offer is the best. He has done a fantastic job of marketing my company, and has great ideas. He knows what SEO is about, and his method for fraud prevention is highly effective. Offer is a person of unimpeachable integrity and honesty, and will steer your online presence in the right direction. I’m immensely satisfied with the service he’s provided for my company!

Benny Rowe

Founder, The Homeowners' Advisor

We believe in holistic cross platform approaches.


Our mission, is finding the most creative and effective ways, reaching your target audience, at the right time, place and device. 

Web dev

We share in the pride of your website. Your site is our site, and it receives as much love and attention as our own. Anyone can take a set of website specs and build what is on the blueprint. But we take those specs, and we optymize.

Search Engine Optymization

To maximize the information that search engines know about you and your business, we thoroughly take the time to craft detailed data packets with specific information about your business. The result puts important business details up front for a user when they come across your website in a search result.

Search Engine Marketing

PPC Advertising allows your ads to show up immediately on the top of the first page of the search engines and across the social media networks. This means that you can see results like sales or leads from the instant you begin your PPC campaign.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about creating a narrative and consistently engaging with your customers. We develop and share valuable content such as blog posts, press releases and blog guest posting to attrackt people and convert users into paying customers. We implement long term strategies to build relationships with your target audience. We take great effort to pay attention to the details of your market and create amazing content that readers can connect, feel your company vibe and share with their friends and family.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management and Optymization is not just managing your Facebook and twitter accounts. We take a holistic look at your business’s web presence and find avenues that fit your company’s profile.

We utilize these various channels (including but certainly not limited to- Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Pinterest) along with press releases and original blog articles to transmit your marketing message and increase traffic to your site and in turn customer conversions.

Video Marketing

If a picture worth a 1000 words, how much does an HD video about your business worth? Videos allow you to communicate in ways that older marketing methods just can’t. With the widespread of videos all over the web, video marketing is essential for any business marketing plan. Studies shows that shoppers are way more likely to engage with your business after viewing an online video about your business. We create video content to expand your reach and improve your rankings, videos are the future of marketing, dont get left behind..