Rachel HopkinsThe Zookeeper

Project Manager,
Director of Content


zoo·keep·er noun /ˈzo͞oˌkēpər/
Chief data geek and behavioral analyst extraordinaire. The one to keep us organized, focused, and on target. Someone needs to make sure the lions are fed and the monkeys aren’t flinging their … Nevermind, you don’t need the dirty details of EVERYTHING she does for the Company. It’s a lot.

About Rachel

A lifelong data geek who gets more pleasure from a well developed graph than…

An adept professional behavioral specialist with a keen eye for detecting…

A grounded pragmatist whose goal-oriented drive influences…

A lover of highlighters and sticky-notes…

Rachel defies definition. She is all of the aforementioned, but to put her into words necessarily excludes many of her qualities. For Optymizer, however, she astutely keeps her focus—and that of her content team—in line with the big picture objectives. She drives results for us, and for our clients.

Follow the recipe closely the first time. Repeat often, making it better everytime.


Rachel’s wall has a lot of framed paper hanging on it. In fact, because of said paper, she also has a lot of initials after her name. Rachel holds a B.S. in Speech and Hearing Science from the George Washington University, and an M.Ed. from the University of Massachusetts. She also holds is a Board Certification in Behavior Analysis. Thus, her full titled name is: Rachel W. Hopkins, B.S. M.Ed. B.C.B.A.

Did we mention that she has a secret passion for acronyms?

Rachel worked her way up to senior management at a support agency for people with developmental disabilities. It was here that Rachel honed her data and business skills, driving research-supported services and supervising over 100 staff while contracting with stakeholders. Her keen organizational skills, knack for pushing task-completion, and astute managerial expertise brought her—and the company she worked for—much success and growth.

In the long run, it was Rachel’s love of data and commitment to service that led Rachel to work for Optymizer. Besides digging into the data, she uses her highly-tuned attention to detail to make sure that the content department is operating at its peak so that every website we send out the door is fully optymized for end users and SEO performance.

Enjoying life as a mother.


Rachel is also a committed mother and family woman, with kids and a rural cabin she shares with her husband, Adam. Rachel loves spending time and playing with her family, and her favorite movies include Shawshank Redemption and Dirty Dancing. Her personal recipe book (of actual food recipes that is) includes some of the tastiest chocolate chip cookies. Of course they are best served warm out of the over. But maybe, just maybe, if you are lucky enough, you will get to try one some day.


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