Adam Hopkins The Brewmaster

Chief Technology Officer,
Chief Legal Officer,
Lead Full Stack Developer

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brew·mas·ter noun /bro͞o ˈmastər/
1. The individual responsible for imbibing our work product with the passion and love that we all share for what we do. He’s the one delicately brewing craft websites, one site at a time.
2. The craftsman behind the concoction that is TimeBrewer.
3. All that legal stuff.

Who is Adam Hopkins?

An old soul and dexterous polymath; Adam Hopkins is well-lettered and loves the art of craftmanship. That’s somewhat literal, as Adam is both a typography guru and a lover of fine fountain pens. Indeed, Adam can speak sentimentally (and write at length) about the poetic synergy that results from a wise combination of pen and ink.

But, the task of actually answering the question of “Who is Adam Hopkins?” is far more difficult as the man himself avoids self-definition. Sure, he’s a brilliant coder and web developer with 20 years in the industry. But he is also a lawyer having achieved distinction at being named to Super Lawyers Massachusetts’ Rising Stars List three years in a row.

In business—as in law and life—he is steadfastly committed to fair compromise rather than adversarial and zero-sum dynamics. Adam has always had a drive for logical clarity and precision, as well as an innate value that all parties should benefit from end results. before embarking on any client project, he focuses his mind about the end-game objectives, and tailors the process and results to fit accordingly.

The goal is to target clients’ objectives to precisely deliver a product that will bring them desired results.

Professional Development

Adam studied International Affairs at George Washington University, and there met his wife, Rachel. Adam went on to get a law degree at New England Law | Boston. At the same time, he worked full-time as a paralegal and finally as a litigator and transactional attorney.

The two elements of, practicing law, on the one hand, and Adam’s longtime love for building websites, on the other, produced an inner awakening for Adam. These two elements of his life coalesced into a fermented and delectably quaffable final product as Adam sought to creatively work outside typical constraints. This intellectual and professional journey led Adam to become an integrated, and ultimately integral, part of the Optymizer Ranch. For the Brewmaster, every piece of a puzzle has its role in forming a larger picture. The goal is to target clients’ objectives in order to precisely deliver a product that will bring them the desired results. After all, the proof of the brew is in the drinking.

Enjoying the outdoors.


Adam is a committed family man, living with Rachel and the kids in a rural cabin out in the desert that they call home. When Adam has the time, he enjoys brewing beer, woodworking, and experiencing the journey that each individual day brings. Fantastic, epic, and otherwise cerebral books are also well appreciated and enjoyed by this unabashed Linux user and computer-coding intellectual.

from optymizer.team import Staff
from optymizer.kitchen import drink_coffee, eat_pretzels
from personal.life import fun, chess, scooter

class Brewmaster(Staff):
	def __init__(self):
		self.role = (
				('CTO', 'Chief Technology Officer'),
				('CLO', 'Chief Legal Officer'),
				('PTR', 'Partner'),
				('DEV', 'Development Team Manager'),
		self.spouse = 'Rachel'

	def work(self):

		super(Brewmaster, self).work()

	def play(self):
		with self.kids() as kiddos:
			fun.on_playground_with( kiddos )
			fun.cooking_with( kiddos )
			scooter.ride_with( kiddos )
			chess.teach( kiddos )

	def love(self):
		return self.spouse

	def sleep(self):
		return False

adam = Brewmaster()

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