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Benefits of Pay-Per Click Advertising

Immediate Results

PPC Advertising allows your ads to show up immediately on the top of the first page of the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc). This means that you can see results like sales or leads from the instant you begin your PPC campaign.

Dynamic Advertising

You can change your campaign budget and level of activity to react to seasonal changes in market demand, unforeseen issues in your business such as supply problems, or you own vacation.

No Strings Attached

You can start your campaign today and pause it tomorrow and you will pay only for the clicks made on your ads during that time frame. There is no problem due to uncertainty of results – you won’t need to commit to a long term contract.

Relevant and Targeted

Your ads will be exposed only to people searching for your product or service because they need it. By narrowing down to specific users, you will increase you chances of converting customer leads.


Are there people who visited your website and didn’t buy your product or that didn’t make a phone call? You can re-target those customers by sending them new messages such as “still looking for…?” or “Get this product at 10% off now” that will appear in a number of different websites that they regularly visit.

Display and Placement Campaigns

Have a new product and want the right people to know about it? Google Adwords Platform allows you to advertise your product or service across a large number of websites.You can also target people by demographic such as age, gender and interest.

What we do at Optymizer

Keyword Targeting

Top level keyword targeting to maximize the number of quality leads to your business on the one hand and with effective cost per click on the other. We will make sure that all of the important keywords for your business are being targeted- both short tail (more general keywords to increase traffic volume) and long tail (more specific keywords to decrease average cost per click) in order to maximize your opportunities to convert users.

Creative ads and banners

We’ll make sure to optymize your ads by combining useful and essential information on the one hand and creative marketing messages on the other.

We’ll achieve that by analyzing your business, your competitors, your clients’ needs and their search intent. We’ll continue with AB testing that will be an ongoing process!

We’ll also create a variety of ads to match the variety of targeted keywords.

Landing Pages

We make sure that each ad directs users to an appropriate and targeted landing page to deliver the user relevant content they are looking for. We make sure to optymize your existing landing pages, and create new ones as required by your ad campaigns.

Conversion Tracking

We’ll set up conversions tracking for your campaign so we can optymize not only on clicks to your website or app, but on what we want to achieve during each of those visits. This allows us to avoid a situation where things look good based on the number of new visits but if conversions aren’t happening that data is deceiving.

Re-marketing Opportunities

Search campaigns are not enough; we also need to make sure that people that visit your website continue to be exposed to your business’s messages and your brand. We’ll make sure to create a re-marketing campaign tied in with your search campaign.


Free Click Fraud Detection

One of the drawbacks of the pay per click model is the possibility for invalid or fraudulent clicks (when your competitors are deliberately clicking on your ads to waste your money and daily budget.) We give our clients a free subscription to a click fraud detection tool, which we developed, that automatically blocks unwanted or suspicious IP addresses. Your budget and account are safe with us.

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