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The top ten factors that influence a moving company’s search engine ranking. If you follow these pointers, you will be on your way to the top of Google – literally!

The information in this article was compiled by: Compiled by Offer Ben Saadon, Associate Editor/Writer at Optymizer.com, based on information and opinion provided by industry professionals and research.

Here are the 20 factors that will get you on top of Google:

1) Moving Company Website design

If your website design looks professional, then it will probably be ranked higher than a competitor who hasn’t spent much time on his site design. This is because consumers get a good idea about the quality of your business from how you present it online. Clean navigation, clear headings, and welcoming colors are all part of what will make sure that Google ranks you higher than your competitor.

2) Moving Company Website Content Quality

Google loves quality content. If you are targeting the right keywords, then Google will judge your site to be of high value and rank it accordingly. Even if you’re not targeting any particular keyword, as long as your content is rich in information and value to consumers looking for moving services near them, Google will reward you with a higher ranking than an opponent with poorer content.

3) Moving Company Google My Business Page

Your Google My Business Page is your storefront for the online world. You can add and manage everything you want about your business through your GMB page, including contact information, moving services you offer, driving directions to your business location – all of which will go a long way towards helping Google understand what kind of business you are and rank you higher than your competitors.

4) Moving Company Website Links

Links are the currency of search engines. Google measures a website’s trustworthiness by how many sites link to it, as well as what kind of links they are. For example, if your website is part of an industry association or even just has a blog that is consistently updated with useful content, Google rewards you with a higher ranking.

5) Moving Company Physical Address

Having your business address listed on your website and GMB page is one of the ways that consumers will be able to find your business easily online. While you don’t necessarily have to list an actual street address on your site or in the general public, having an address directly from Google of some kind will help people find you.

6) Using Schema To Increase Ranking For Local Moving Company Search

Schema is a way of telling the search engines what kind of website you have and how to best categorize your business. It’s a powerful tool and if used properly, can help ensure that Google knows exactly what type of business you are so it can present you higher in search results than other moving companies. For example, here is an image of a schema code for an image that shows the directions to a moving company from a consumer’s location:

7) Get Moving Company Reviews

Indeed, a business can’t pay someone to give them positive reviews, but they can encourage clients to leave feedback and if users are happy with the services, they will gladly do so. However, if your company does have some unhappy clients, you should do everything possible to address their complaints and resolve the matter.

8) Moving Company Website Speed

Google likes fast websites. If your website takes a long time to load or is slow to respond, Google will determine that your business doesn’t care about quality and it won’t rank you high. Technology is a wonderful thing and even if you’re not the most technologically savvy person in the world, there are tools today that make it easy to speed up your site. If you need help finding one, just ask!

9) Moving Company Website Linking Structure

The way your website links together is very important to Google. It wants to know if your website is a genuine resource for consumers or if you are trying to deceive search engine users. If it thinks that something’s off, then it won’t rank you highly.

10) Moving Company Competitive Analysis

Understanding how your competitors are doing online and what they are doing right –and also wrong – is very important for you to be able to assess where you’re at and what it will take for your business to get the upper hand. Every year, there is more and more competition out there, so you have to stay on top of things during each season to stay relevant.

11) Moving Company Business Name Selection

The name of your company has a major impact on its ranking. Several factors come into play in terms of picking a good name, including how easy it is to type or say and whether it contains related words such as “mover” or “relocating.”

12) Moving Company URL Optimization

While having an easy-to-read and catchy domain isn’t the only thing that matters in terms of SEO, it is very important if you want Google to see your business as a resource for consumers.

13) Moving Company GMB Optimization

As discussed earlier, Google My Business is another way that you can increase your ranking in local searches and it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses because more and more people are using their smartphones or other mobile devices to look up nearby services and information. Plus, it allows you to get local reviews from customers.

14) Moving Company Local Citations Optimization

Citations are one of the best ways for your business to rank higher in search results because they give Google information about your business that isn’t available elsewhere on the internet. This includes things such as awards you may have received, news articles or blog posts featuring your business, or guest posts you’ve published on other websites. These are just a few of the ways that citations can boost your company’s search results.

15) Moving Company Domain Authority and Page Authority

Getting your website on a hosting platform can increase its overall domain authority, which translates to faster loading times for your pages and easier indexing by search engines. This is especially important if you have hundreds or thousands of web pages on the same site because it will make sure that they all load quickly.

16) Moving Company Link Types

The links that you build are extremely important to your company’s ranking. If you can, get backlinks from authoritative websites such as Forbes and Huffington Post. Even if these sites don’t link directly to your website, they will still boost it within the search results because they have a high domain authority themselves.

17) Moving Company Keyword Research

You must choose keywords for your business that are relevant to what you do. If there is not a good fit, then it can be possible that Google will miss out on your website entirely. Pay attention to how many people search those terms each month and don’t waste your resources building links or content around words with local search volumes that aren’t worthwhile.

18) Moving Company Content Promotion

Once you have the right content, you need to promote it effectively. You can guest post on sites related to your business or participate in local events and write about them through a blog or social networking platform. These are several other ways that you can advertise yourself so consumers will know about your services.

19) Moving Company Social Media

Social media platforms are known for their viral nature. That’s why business owners should use them to help boost their rankings, get additional backlinks and increase customers. It’s important to use the right networks, though. For example, LinkedIn is better for local companies because of its business focus and Facebook is ideal for getting traffic during certain hours of the day or week.

20) Moving Company Local Visibility

Local search results are becoming more visible. This means that you need to add all the local information possible about your business. It could include profile information, your address and phone number, current promotions or events you are hosting, and so on.

It’s an important list, but there are many more factors that can affect a moving company’s search engine ranking than what has been listed in this article. If you have any to add, please leave them in the comments section below. We would love to hear your thoughts!

With all that said, you’re now ready to chase that search engine ranking! Good luck!

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