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the idea

started years ago by our own Brewmaster before there was anything else like it on the market. The problem was simple: how to effectively leverage the power of a web interface to make time tracking easier and more reliable. From a humble start, the project grew and evolved. In learning from doing, the system was created and continually optymized as it evolves to meet new demands and challenges in workflow management.

This is our system. We’ve kicked all third party resources out and use this to run our business. It tracks our staff’s hours, manages our projects, generates our invoices, and gives our clients insight into our operations. Our core business is optymization, and we have taken that to optymizing ourselves with this product.

The power of the system is its engine. Built upon a Python platform using the Django 1.8 framework, TimeBrewer is able to store large amounts of data about your business operation, and organize that information into meaningful and efficiency-enhancing tools. While we could go on and on about the core features we have implemented to optymize our workflow, that is not the point. Because, what works for us may not work for you. The single biggest feature of this platform is that it is easily extendable to handle any workflow issues to help your business become better. For us, it is a time tracker, a project manager, and a financial report generator. Let’s see what it can do for you.

Make it fit you

Infinitely customizable. Of course it can be fully made to look great and seamlessly integrate into your company’s branding. Leveraging the power of internal APIs, TimeBrewer can expand to meet your business objectives and goals.

Plenty of Features
A wide variety of functions and settings

Before lifting a finger, the system comes packed with a set of core features that will set you on the right path. But the benefit of a bespoke workflow management system is that we can customize how these features work for you. Aren’t you tired of conforming your business to the systems you have in place? It’s time you brewed your own system to free you to do what you do best.

Front & Back
client and employee interfaces

It sports both a back end employee system, and a client facing portal so you can open your business operations to your customers. This creates a whole new level of service possibilities enabling your business to stand out from the competition. Plus, within these various views, the system is fully customizable to provide as many permission and action levels as you need.

Ever evolving smart-calculations

Much of the core system was designed to help us manage our own projects. As a small company ourselves, we understand the constraints that are placed on running every aspect of the operation so that we are constantly adapting to changes in schedules, work volume, etc. Therefore, we intentionally built the system to be smart and adaptive to meet our needs. The longer TimeBrewer runs, the better it will be at what it does.

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