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How important is being at the top on google maps?

It’s not enough to merely show up on Google Local search results. You need to be at the top of the list! 10 Ways to Outrank Your Competition in Local Searches With Optimized Deals & Deals Details Pages for Your PPC Campaigns. Tips For Locating And Boosting Your Ranking On Local Search Engines And Online Map Services, Like YELP, Google My Business & Bing Places . How To Outrank Your Competition On GMB ?

What are you hiding? Optimize your GMB listing on Google and show up at the top of the list! 10 Ways to Outrank Your Competition in Local Searches With Optimized Deals & Deals Details Pages for Your PPC Campaigns. Tips For Locating And Boosting Your Ranking On Local Search Engines And Online Map Services, Like YELP, Google My Business & Bing Places . How To Outrank Your Competition On GMB ?

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Optimize your GMB business listing to outrank your competition 2

Optimize your GMB listing on Google and show up at the top of the list!

If you have not done so already, it’s time to do that. It can be easy to fall behind in popular search engines and their results. By using coupons for your business, you will appear higher up in the search results in both the organic and sponsored section.

How important is being at the top on google maps? 

It’s not the only thing, but most of the searches on phones (mobile) and tablets go directly to maps.

We all know that smartphone usage is booming, people are doing searches like crazy on their devices. How can you be found? The first step is to get yourself a Google My Business account , if you haven’t done so yet.

Get reviews from customers

Admittedly, this is the first tactic you should use to increase business, but it shouldn’t be the last. Getting reviews from customers is a great way to boost your conversions; however, by itself it will not bring in new business. The goal of your online marketing is increasing visibility and gaining more traffic. Businesses with higher Google rankings attract more customers, which is why your business should be optimized to that end.

Optimize the text on your GMB listing

The first thing you should do when optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) listing is using relevant and appropriate keywords in the company name, address, and phone number fields. You’ll want to ask yourself: does my business cater to a very specific clientele or are we more general in our services? If the former, use your keyword as the name of your company. For instance, if you own a dog day care, “Fetch Daycare” would work well for an appropriate name.

Have you ever noticed that some Google Maps listings have more reviews than others? There is a reason for that. To have access to organic search results on map searches, your listing must be verified by Google. This means you need to get at least ten reviews of local business owners or customers who are registered on Google My Business (GMB).

Use high quality images in your listings

High quality images are becoming increasingly important for Google My Business (GMB) listings. The more pictures you have on your listing, the more likely it is that potential customers will click through to your website, or phone number to call you.

Optimize your GMB profile photo

Your business “profile” picture should be optimized in terms of sizing and color, but also the content within it. Since most people search on Google with images enabled (in fact, 65 percent of users enable this feature), you want to make sure your business image stands out from the rest. To get some ideas for how to optimize your GMB profile photo , take a look at other businesses in your area and try to match their style. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of optimizing GMB, but can really yield some great results.

Update Your Listing Regularly

Similar to updating your Google Ad Words advertisements, you should make a point to update your GMB listing at least once every two weeks or so. Make sure to include new pictures, offers and deals. If you have a blog, make sure you are adding the appropriate content on there (related to your business!) that can be easily added to your GMB listing.

Add Local Citations To Your Business Details

Adding citations is one of the most effective ways to outrank your competition and show up on the first page of Google. Citations are essentially links from other websites that point back to your GMB listing. You should try to stick with local citation sources like blogs, community newsletters and niche directories that are relevant to your industry

List deals for a limited time frame to get people excited about buying right now!

Get as many phone calls, leads or sales from the search results and not from your website.

Use local keywords without stuffing them into fields where they are not relevant (e.g. address fields).

If you have a physical home base for your business, take advantage of this by verifying that location on Google My Business .

If you do not have a physical home base for your business, such as an office or storefront, consider adding this to your GMB listing .  

Optimize your GMB listing regularly by using relevant and appropriate keywords in the company name, address and phone number fields.

Ensure that at least 10 reviewers have rated your business on Google My Business to have access to organic search results on Map searches. You can help this along by asking your loyal customers and clients for reviews, as well as posting offers that can be verified with a review (like “20% off haircuts until September 30th”).

Make sure you list all of the details including price, size, color, and more!

Make sure to include all appropriate business details in your Google My Business listing, like hours of operation, products and services offered, size, etc. This will help bring you more traffic from the search results.

List a phone number and website URL on your GMB profile page.

Add social proof (e.g., positive reviews, great ratings, etc) to your GMB listing

Ensure that which social proof you use on your GMB profile page is relevant to the business. If you have excellent online feedback or a high rating from an app like Yelp!, make sure to add this information prominently so that it shows up in the search results!

Optimize Your Content Based on Which Keywords are Converting Best

There are many different tools out there to help you find what keywords will convert best for your business.  One free tool is the Google AdWords keyword planner . Basically, you simply put in a search term that someone might use to find your product or service (for example “dentist in New York City”) and it will pull up a list of all relevant keywords that you can use on your website.

It is not unusual for the search results to change after making these optimizations, so keep checking back to see if there are any updates! If you want to track your listings and make sure they stay optimized, you can easily do this using Google’s My Business dashboard.  

List items that are exclusive to your store or site only!

Consider things like photos, reviews, detailed descriptions and even including videos to make your listing more visible in the search results. You can also add supporting material like menus or price lists on your photo gallery page.

Some of these sites are free and some require a paid subscription but time-investment will be minimal as you gain long term optimization benefits as well.

Make sure to regularly check back and update your listing with new information as your business evolves!

Add photos of the item being used by real people so buyers can imagine themselves using it too!

And don’t forget to upload them with descriptions and prices too! You can also add videos too if they’re available for viewing online – just make sure you have permission before uploading them 🙂

Top Tip: Get permission from people before you use their image or video on your website, and if possible pay them a small fee for doing so. This way they are more likely to give you a 5-star review!

Remember to optimize all your pages with relevant keywords and not just the main page!

As well as optimized GMB listings, it is important to ensure that potential customers can see your website with high rankings through organic searches on Google and other search engines.  You should also optimize all of the pages on your website by including appropriate keywords in the page titles, headers, meta descriptions and more.

List different items of the same categories at various price points so new customers can choose an affordable option that still looks perfectly good!

Have a good product or service? Tell the world using social media!  If you are on Facebook, make sure to promote your business here too.  

Optimize Your Website for Local SEO

There are various ways to optimize your website including:

Don’t overdo it and instead only include important keywords once in page headers, sub-headers and so on.

Include relevant keywords in your page URLs to help them rank higher. Focus only on the important keywords that will drive qualified traffic to your site!

Make sure that you optimize your website terms and meta descriptions for all pages of your website including product, service or category pages.  This really helps to improve traffic and conversions.

Add a Google site map to your website so that search engines can easily find and index all of your pages. 

Be sure to include contact details like an email address and if possible, even the address of your business (though this might take some time before it is visible in local search results). Update these details regularly as they change.

It is also a good idea to get feedback from other people and businesses in your local area who will be able to let you know which keywords are working best for them when they search Google.

Identify the top competitors of your business by using the free keyword planner tool mentioned earlier – try to outrank them!

Add links from your website to Google+ if you don’t have an account already. You can also add links from your Google My Business listing to your G+ page and vice versa!

Write a creative and catchy description that makes people want to buy right now!

A lot of times, these are what make people pick your business over others. Don’t skimp on these details!

Start by brainstorming about what your company does and what makes you unique. What do you like about your product or service? Why will it make someone’s life better?

Consider looking up online for some inspiration and see how other companies have written their descriptions. Lots of them are similar but there may be some unique gems that might be helpful to you!”

Use verified check-in offers on social networks to get people interested in your products and services by offering them some free gifts or coupons if they check in at your business with their phone number, like yelp’s verify app + facebook offer widget.

This works very well for small businesses that are trying to get more people to stop by and check them out, but pay attention – the more people you have checking in, the better your business looks AND the better your organic rankings will be.

Once you’ve designed an amazing page using all of these tips and tricks (and a good looking photo!), it’s time to start plugging away at getting some quality backlinks from other websites.

These links can help you start climbing up the Google rankings on a local level and maybe even give your business a boost into top ten search results!

You’ll want to start by looking for relevant sites that have good reputations and already rank well in Google for different keywords.  If there’s something going on in your city, make sure to start by looking for information about this on the web.

See if you can find any local resources that happen to link back to pages of businesses in your industry.  For example, Yelp is known for using affiliate links so try going here first!  You’ll be able to see their business categories and then maybe you can find a company that already has high rankings that’s linking back to one of your pages.

If you want to get your business on the first page of Google, make sure that you optimize all pages with keywords. A lot of times, this is what makes people pick your company over others. Don’t skimp!  Design a beautiful website and then start looking for backlinks. Yelp provides great opportunities if they have an affiliate program in place or are linking from other sites already ranking well for terms related to your industry. Consider going straight to them as their content will be highly relevant for customers searching online.”


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