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Locksmiths are important services, and no one wants to be stuck outside their house with a broken lock. But many people don’t know how they can find the best locksmith company or which locksmith site is reliable.

This article will discuss 17 SEO tricks that your locksmith company should use to rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing.

In addition, anyone reading this article who may need a locksmith service soon can also benefit from finding out about these tricks as it will help them pick the right company for their needs.

#1- Your Locksmith Company Needs an Attention-Grabbing Page Title:

If you want someone to read something on your website, you have got to give them a reason why they should do so.  Your page title should be something enticing so people will stop and read it.

The text directly under your page title is the meta description, which is a lot like a blurb on a book cover. You have about six sentences to convince someone they need to click on the link to your website.

To know what information searchers are looking for when they look up locksmiths in their area, you can use Google Trends or Keyword Planner from Google AdWords. This allows you to see what searches are being done most often along with all of the other keywords that people search for as well as how many people search those keywords every month.

#2- Write Content Customers, Not Search Engines, Will Read:

When you are writing content, the main goal should be to provide people with useful information and not so much to try and rank for certain keywords.  It may seem like a waste of time to create content that doesn’t have any SEO benefit but in reality, when customers find your site helpful they will feel more positively about it and visit again. For example, if someone is looking up how to change a car battery they probably won’t care much about what other services you offer or how many locations you have because although related those things don’t help them change their battery right now which is why they came to your website in the first place.

#3- Use Local Keywords:

There’s no doubt that the majority of people looking for locksmiths are doing so because they need one in their area.  Therefore, it makes sense to use local keywords as part of your SEO strategy.

These include phrases like “locksmith near me” or “car key replacement”. If you run an online locksmith business make sure that the first 20 words on your page contain relevant, targeted keywords. #4- Use Video Content:

This past year has witnessed a rise in video marketing, and this is partially due to companies realizing how beneficial it can be for them. Videos are highly appealing because they are easy to digest and break down into smaller chunks of information which can then be shared on social media or embedded onto pages on your website.

#5- Optimize for People, Not Search Engines:

The most important thing to keep in mind is that people are the ones doing the searches.  It doesn’t matter how much content you have written on your site if, when people visit it, they can’t find what they are looking for or don’t find it helpful.

Many companies will try to get people searching for certain keywords to click on their site by using words like “cheap” or “fast”. These are just attention-grabbing tactics and shouldn’t be used because ultimately no one cares about being cheap or fast when dealing with locksmith service. Remember the overall goal is to get real customers who are making returns based on their experience with your locksmith company.

#6- Get Listed on Local Business Directories:

One of the most common mistakes companies make with their SEO is not getting listed on local business directories like Yelp and Google Plus.  These sites get a lot of traffic and if people can’t find your site or phone number when they need you, it doesn’t matter how good your website is because you won’t make money.

#7- Use Social Media to Your Advantage:

It’s no secret that social media has become one of the main ways people communicate these days meaning that every business needs to have at least some kind of presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other networks that are popular in their target audience.

Many customers will also do searches on social media sites which means you can use them to your advantage there as well. For example, if someone has a question about the services you offer they might tweet or post it on Facebook, and then people can share their answer with all of their friends.

#8- Collaborate With Other Locksmith Sites:

Another great idea for local SEO is to collaborate with other locksmiths in your area by exchanging links with them. This way, when customers are doing searches both of your websites will show up but because yours is linked to theirs there’s a strong chance that people will click through to see what you have instead of the competition.

This works even better if you own an established business and rank high for certain keywords. In this case, people might click on your website first but then once they are there they will see the link to another locksmith company and click on that one instead.

#9- Get People to Write Reviews About You:

One of the advantages of having an online presence is that you can monitor what people are saying about your brand or business which allows you to make changes when necessary.  For example, when someone posts a review about how upset they were because you took too long to get there when they needed help it allows you to apologize and offer them something in return like a discount for their next service call.

You should also encourage satisfied customers who had positive experiences with your business to leave reviews online as well.  To get the most out of this though you need to make sure that Google can find these reviews which is why it’s a good idea to make sure your business name and phone number are included in them somewhere.

#10-Track Your Rankings:

You can never be too sure why you might rank for certain keywords and not others so tracking your rankings is important.  This means figuring out where your website ranks on different search terms and then testing some new keywords to see if they affect your rankings.

If you find that changing the title tag or meta description has no effect when it comes to increasing your ranking, try things like content optimization, adding social sharing buttons, and using images instead of text.

Some tools can help you track your rankings such as Moz pro which allows you to monitor analytics and keep an eye on keywords so you know when search engines find your website important enough to rank it for a given term.

#11-Use Social Media Marketing:

One of the best ways marketers use social media is by promoting their business brand or services through ads on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks.  However, this isn’t necessary if you’re running a local business because you should already be getting traffic from people in your area who are seeing those posts on their feed based on where they live.  

The advantage here is that since someone in the community has shared the post there is a good chance more people will see it because their friend also shared it.

#12-Use Local Competitor Analysis:

Another great way to determine what keywords you should try using is by looking at the competition and seeing what they’re ranking for.  For example, if you do a search for locksmiths near me and several of your competitors come up with the number one spot then that phrase must be very important to Google because they are willing to put money behind those results. Once you know which terms you need to rank for, use tools like SEMrush which show exactly how much traffic each term gets on average so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s worth focusing your efforts on ranking for it.

#13- Consider Other Platforms:

If you already have a website and an established social media presence, don’t stop there.  Other platforms can help with SEO as well so try creating accounts on sites like Yelp, YouTube, and Angie’s list to get your brand in front of more people.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean getting fake reviews because Google penalizes those types of websites so if it looks suspicious they will catch onto your game. If you want to give your page or profile authenticity then the best thing you can do is ask people who are already satisfied customers to leave reviews.

#14-Create Backlinks:

Backlinks are links that point back to another website which means that if someone sees yours then it will take them to whatever webpage you’ve linked to regardless of where it’s hosted.

When Google sees this they will assume the site is important so it will rank them higher which means if people click on that link then your website might go up in rankings too. If you can build backlinks then you should-the more quality ones the better because these are the types that Google considers authentic and real alignments rather than spammy one-page sites made just for SEO purposes.

#15-Add Internal Links:

When looking at your page structure, it’s important to include links within relevant content because when someone clicks on them they will be taken to another page within your website.  For example, if you have a blog post about locksmiths near me and you include another link within the content that says locksmith services when someone clicks on it they will be taken to a page full of information about locksmith services. The more links you have pointing back to your main content, the better because Google wants people to find what they’re looking for to satisfy their customer’s needs which means if they click on one of your links then they are likely in ” buying mode” so any money spent through ads or affiliate links is worth it.

#16-Don’t Overdo It:

One thing too many marketers do when creating backlinks is overdoing it by using tools like GSA SER which can create thousands of links in less than three minutes.  For example, if you use this tool and want to get backlinks from high-quality sites like the New York Times then it’s possible but keep in mind that Google also penalizes websites that are obvious spam so there needs to be a balance. If everyone was able to do it then it wouldn’t be an effective strategy anymore which means you need to focus on finding ways to build quality referrals instead of focusing on quantity.

#17-Let Visitors Help You:

One of the most underrated SEO strategies is asking your customers for help because when you ask them what they think about your website’s layout, content, and usability people will likely tell you everything they think whether or not they plan on returning.  This means that once you receive their feedback you can improve certain aspects of your site so that other visitors will have the same good experience if they try it out.

Of course, asking for feedback should be done strategically because you don’t want to become spammy so only include buttons for this type of thing after someone has already interacted with your website and browsed around a bit. If they’ve read an article or two then they are ready to leave their opinion which means you should capitalize on this moment before they forget about it altogether!

If you’re a locksmith looking to get in front of more people, you must implement these 17 SEO tricks.

Whether you want to increase your rankings on Google or find new customers who are searching for the best local locksmiths near them, these strategies will help drive traffic and conversions by using what we know about how human behavior works online.

The key is finding the balance between quantity and quality which means focusing on building backlinks from websites with high domain authority rather than creating thousands of spammy links quickly.

It can be tempting to try everything at once but remember: less is more when it comes to marketing! Let others tell your story so they can see why you should be their number one choice instead of just assuming they’ll believe because of what you say.

If you’re looking for SEO services for locksmiths then make sure to contact Alignment Online Marketing today they have helped locksmiths just like your rank higher online.

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share it on social media!


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