Sarah Ben-SaadonThe Big Sugar

Founder, Partner, Chief Operating Officer


big sug·ar noun /biɡ ˈSHo͝oɡər/
The head of the ranch. In Optymizer terms, she is the one who handles most of the general boring stuff like making statements and receipts look pretty, and keeping the project management system full with tasks. Need something done? Check in with the Big Sugar.
About Sarah

Sarah grew up in rural Texas. Now, if you know a thing or two about Texas, you know that that means Sarah grew up with deeply ingrained values of honesty, humility, hard work, and rugged independence, mostly through the loving example of Sarah’s late father. Sarah has always worked throughout her life, devoting all of her talents and efforts along the way and never losing the small-town Texan principles she grew up with.

Hard work, done with honesty and humility, is the only way.

It was working through college that Sarah found herself working as an executive assistant at a financial brokerage firm, and then moving on to a startup providing chat support services for businesses. Sarah got to wear lots of hats (in addition to her Stetson) as she learned and excelled at the fundamentals of office and project management.

What’s more, Sarah grew to lead support chat teams as she continued providing operational support for the company. Sarah transferred her skills and experience she gained with this startup to open up the Optymizer Ranch with her husband, Offer. In addition to Operations and Project Management, Sarah took on all the content work herself, familiarizing herself with, and then mastering, WordPress, CSS, and HTML, as well as SEO and Social Media. The Optymizer Ranch grew, and Sarah became the Big Sugar; the matron par-excellence of the ranch, as they say in Texas.


On the rare occasions that Sarah isn’t working, she enjoys reading fiction. A sci-fi fan, Ender’s Game tops the list of her favorites. Sarah also loves DIY crafts and projects, and playing silly with her dogs. The most wonderful breakfast in the world, in Sarah’s humble opinion, is pancakes with real maple syrup and blueberries, while true-green is by far the loveliest color. Sarah also has a profound “Pi”-like connection to the integer “4”, in all its natural and conceptual manifestations. Most of all, Sarah loves her husband and daughter-to-be.

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