Roman VolkovskyThe Scientist

Web Developer


sci·en·tist noun /ˈsīən(t)əst/
A lifelong devotee to the theory of “mix a little of this and little of that, and let’s see what happens,” who harnesses his experimentation and curiosity to concoct the perfect elixir for a website. And, he does it without blowing things up. Really, he doesn’t at all.

About Roman

Roman grew up in the dusty desert town of Arad where he spent many hours writing algorithms and cracking codes just for fun! Designing computer games and 3D digital worlds is a guilty pleasure Roman has indulged since he was a child, and this love pushed him to study in the field of Computer Sciences.


After completing his military service where he worked in a lab as an electro- optical technician he moved to Beer Sheva where he began studying computer sciences and dived deeper into the world wide web. Roman completed his Practical Engineering Degree in Electronics before beginning his Bsc in Computer Sciences. Roman’s love for computers, technology, and mathematic equations earned him the nickname of “The Scientist” around the office…even if he’s never been seen in an actual lab coat.

I have not failed 1000 times. I’ve just found 1000 wrong ways to make a lightbulb.

-Thomas A. Edison


When we asked Roman what makes him happy he rattled off a long list of numbers and brackets which we interpreted as web code. Aside from this he really enjoys all things math and physics.

When he isn’t in the lab you can find him playing the guitar, or beating the drums with his friends. Melodic Metal Music is a personal favorite but he will settle for other genres! Roman admits he’s not much of a movie person, but he’s always scouring the internet for articles and videos detailing current technological innovations and advancements in science around the globe. Speaking of the globe Roman loves learning languages and speaks three fluently…if you don’t include Java.

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