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Create genuine, long-lasting business relationships built upon a steadfast dedication to the core values of honesty, hard work, and humility.Inspire ourselves. Inspire our clients. Inspire the Internet.

Helping businesses reach higher heights.
Optymizer: founded on rock solid values of honesty, hard work and humility. These are our Core Values.

When needing a viable online marketing solution for their business, the Founders of Optymizer discovered that it was not as easy as it should have been. It was difficult to find companies that exhibited the values they believed in. As business owners themselves, the Founders understood the importance of online marketing, and felt that businesses deserved a better, more encompassing solution. And so began, Optymizer. A one-stop-shop for all online marketing solutions, and business development consultation, focused and grounded upon the Core Values.

Optymizer | Invest in the process.
Optymizer began working with businesses that understood that best practices were to not cheat clients just to earn a buck. Our clients know the value of providing quality service and products to their customers, while keeping the big picture scope for their businesses in focus. We understand that the best—and only—way to do good business is with honesty, transparency and actually doing the work. There are no “easy solutions”.
Just as we do not cheat our clients, we do not cheat Google and other search engines. Many companies promise fast results for ranking, but use “black hat” tactics. These strategies often are successful for quick results, but they will not last, and likely will be detrimental to the client’s online reputation in the future. Black hat is simply not a sustainable and viable option for those looking to grow a business. We start all our work, from the ground up, with strong “white hat” SEO and have had wonderful results for our clients over the years.
All that we do is centered on bringing results for our clients. We understand the importance of the return on investment and focus our efforts on the process of providing the best ROI. We want every dollar our clients spend with us to bring results for them. Because we do not work with packages and cookie-cutter processes, we are able to customize every project to our clients’ needs. Your business is your expertise, and our business is getting that message out to your target market.
When you are looking to grow your business and want a solid partner to help with all your online marketing, give Optymizer a call. We build relationships not temporary solutions.

The concept of the company is built, and the company begins working with clients.
Aug. 2011

First invoice for services rendered is sent.
Nov. 2011

“Optymizer” is selected as the business name and initial logo concept created.Optymizer 2011 logo
Feb. 2012

Number of clients doubled based solely upon referrals.
Aug. 2012

Optymizer relocates from Texas to Israel and continues working with US and Canadian clients.
Jun. 2013

First Israeli clients onboarded.
Jul. 2013

Optymizer logo updated.Optymizer 2013 logo
Jan. 2014

Optymizer entity in Israel created.
Jan. 2014

Colors are added to the logo.Optymizer 2014 color logo
Nov. 2014

First team member is hired, and company begins staff and client expansion.
Feb. 2015

Optymizer Ranch LLC, a Texas limited liability company, is registered.
Sep. 2015

TimeBrewer, an internal project management system built completely in house is launched.TimeBrewer
Nov. 2015

A client portal on TimeBrewer is launched enabling clients great insight and access to ongoing projects in real time.
Dec. 2015

After more than 5 years, Optymizer launches its first website for itself, along with a new logo design.Optymizer 2016 logo

Seven team members. Many happy clients. A bright, and fun-filled future.

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