Social media is the perfect medium for engaging your audience. The tone is often more casual and offers the perfect opportunity to build connections in a more personal manner.

Online marketing through social media is on the rise and offers the chance to build rapport with potential users of your services or products.

While social media posts can certainly be instructional, it pays to remember to treat the situation as a conversation rather than a command. Put yourself in the audience’s shoes and deliver your message in a way that enables them to connect and truly hear what you are trying to say.

Let’s look at some tips for engaging your audience in a more effective and productive style.

Ensure You’re Reaching Your Target Audience

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If you want to engage with your audience you need to source the audience who most wants to hear your message. If you are promoting a product or service which is targeted for young people you don’t want to direct your social media efforts towards an audience of over-50’s.

Americans now spend more of their online time on social media sites than on any other kinds of internet sites. With those types of statistics, you can be sure to find the right forum to promote your message.

To ensure you’re getting top engagement from your audience, position your message where it will be most widely read by the people who you want to see it. For example, 42% of 15 to 17-year-olds now use Twitter on a regular basis.

Choose Content Which Will Interest Your Audience

Just as you need to be aware of where you are placing your message, you need to deliver the message in a way which will resonate with your target audience. It is a lot easier to feel engaged when you are reading or listening to content which interests you and is delivered in a manner which you can relate to.

Due to the significant increase in mobile devices to access the internet, people are more likely to be multitasking as they connect with their social media accounts. They could be on public transport, walking, or holding a physical conversation while glancing at social media networks.

You have a very small window of opportunity in which to engage your audience. Your message should be snappy, impactful, to the point, and be able to hold an audience’s attention.

Using quick-fire methods such as videos to deliver your message can be an effective way of engaging your audience and getting your message across.

Use Facebook To Your Advantage

People with a smartphone check their Facebook account on an average of 14 times every day.

With over 1.94 billion active users and an audience who are checking their news feed multiple times per day, it makes a lot of sense to leverage this social media site to engage with your target market. Facebook also ranks at 16% of all internet page views. These statistics are too good to pass by.

Videos, Facebook ads, and Facebook business pages can be useful ways to engage and attract an audience.

Gender Differences In Social Media Usage Can Impact Engagement

Engaging Your Audience On Socal Media - Understanding Gender Differences - Optymizer

Up until recently, women were the bigger users of social media. However, according to a study by the Pew Research Center, 73% of men who access the internet now use social media. This compares to 80% of women.

But the social media platforms that are used by each gender do vary. If your product or service is pitched to mainly male or female usage direct your social media messages to the platforms most used by each gender.

For example, a man is less likely to use Pinterest and Tumblr than a woman. However, the percentage of men who use LinkedIn is much higher than the percentage of women who use the site.

Engaging Your Audience With Visuals

We briefly touched on the subject of using videos to engage an audience at an earlier point. This fact is worth looking at more closely.

Online videos are viewed over 100 million times on a daily basis. That’s equivalent to approximately 1/3 of the entire population of the US viewing an online video every single day.

While the largest percentage of online videos are viewed via YouTube, videos can be posted to sites such as Facebook or uploaded to a company website. This can be an effective method of quickly engaging your audience, promoting your message, and achieving bankable results.

Use Storytelling To Build Your Brand

Storytelling can be an engaging way to deliver your message and build a brand. Successful storytelling campaign examples include Gatorade’s “Made in New York” feature and Airbnb’s “Wall and Chain” video.

If you are able to provide a hook which entertains, pulls at the emotions, or otherwise grabs an audience’s attention you are halfway to building a brand or service which is recognizable. Be creative. Tell your business story in a way which will appeal to your target audience.

Effective storytelling is not drawn out and it does not take forever to get to the point. Look upon social media storytelling as a flash card process rather than an epic novel. Deliver your message in a brief but memorable way.

Choose Content Which Can Be Rapidly Consumed

Today’s internet users and social media browsers have a short attention span. The next interesting web page or link is simply a click away. Content needs to be snack sized rather than super-sized.

Ensure that your content is able to be understood and digested at a glance. Engage your audience with colors, visuals, or unusual font. Make sure that your message contains enough interest to make your reader, viewer, or listener linger long enough to digest what you have to say.

Use methods such as bold type or bullet points to enhance key points. Entice the audience to further engage with your message. Short and sharp works well.

Internet Marketing And SEO

Audience engagement is an important component of internet marketing and search engine optimization.

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