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Local Moving Companies Need to Be Aware of The Importance of SEO and How It Can Help Their Business.

The internet is a powerful tool for marketing your company, but without proper knowledge, you could end up wasting time and money on ineffective campaigns.

Alignment Online Marketing has been helping local moving companies with their SEO needs since 2007. We know what works and we’ll share our expertise with you so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not your website will rank in Google’s search results pages (SERPs). Contact us today!

1. Know the Difference Between Search Engine Optimization and Pay-per-Click Advertising.

The two are related, but they aren’t interchangeable. SEO is a much longer process that involves getting your website to rank as high as possible in SERPs for naturally occurring keywords and phrases within your niche. PPC advertising is a much faster and more costly way of generating traffic to your website, but it won’t help you generate long-term results.

2. Understand How Rankings Are Determined in SERPs.

Several factors influence your rankings on Google and other search engines like Bing or Yahoo!, including: – Domain Authority (the strength of the authority of your domain itself)

– Quality and relevance of existing backlinks from other websites linking to yours

– Keyword relevance within each page’s content – Keyword usage within meta tags and titles

– Content freshness and comprehensiveness **For a more detailed explanation of how SERPs work, check out Moz’s guide to search engine rankings**  

3. Use Your Competitors for Research.

Your competitors are a great source of information about what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to SEO for moving companies. Before you can get higher rankings in SERPs, you need to know where your company stands among the rest of your industry. Look at their backlinks, PPC traffic sources, organic traffic sources, social media following, etc. You should start from the ground up with how they’re doing everything and then build on that foundation by making improvements as needed.

Alignment Online Marketing’s “Check My Rankings” tool allows users to compare their website against competitor websites in their industry so that we can show them which elements of their site need improvement and what we can do to help them win! Check out the feature here.

4. Do Not Rely Solely on Search Engines to Bring in Traffic.

Search engine traffic is certainly valuable, but it will only generate leads for you if your website ranks well for the keywords and phrases that potential prospects are searching for. That’s why it’s important to diversify your sources of traffic so that not all of them (or even most of them) come from search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo!. For example, you can use social media marketing strategies to increase brand awareness online while also driving qualified web traffic back to your site organically.

5. Optimize Your Site’s Loading Speed with “Speed Boost Tools”.

A fast loading speed is crucial for two things: user experience and SEO. The loading speed of your website will be an important factor for search engines in determining where your site ranks on SERPs, while a slow loading speed could discourage people from staying on your pages or coming back to visit again. Luckily, Alignment Online Marketing’s “Speed Boost Tools” are designed to decrease the loading time of each page for users around the world.

6. Know How Search Engines Index Your Site’s Pages.  

Search engine bots crawl through your sitemap to index new pages so that they become discoverable in SERPs over time. However, if any part of the URL you want to be indexed is blocked by robots or meta tags – even an individual image within a blog post – the bot won’t be able to crawl and index your page. That’s why it’s important to know how search engine bots work and how you can use them to your advantage to get more organic traffic over time (and keep that traffic coming back).

7. Enhance Your Site’s User Experience with “User Journey” Tools.  

Another way that search engines determine where they rank your site is by identifying the user intent behind the keywords and phrases people type into Google or other SERPs. If someone searches for “local movers Austin”, most likely they want a list of companies located in Austin, Texas, not listings for moving companies in Australia or Austria. Knowing which specific keywords and phrases visitors are most likely to search for can help you optimize your site for SEO in a way that directly connects the content to the type of lead or customer you want.

8. Include More Than One H1 Tag on Each Page.  

Your H1 tags are one of the most important elements in determining where your website ranks in SERPs because they are designed to draw the eye of users browsing through results – either on desktop or mobile devices. That’s why each page must contain at least two separate H1 tags, ideally placed before and after unique content on each page*. *Note: If you use WordPress, Alignment Online Marketing has an easy-to-use plugin called “H1 Headliner” that will output exactly two H1 tags onto every page of your site.

9. Utilize Long-Tail Keywords Everywhere on Your Site.  

To attract qualified local leads, you’ll want to use longer, more generalized keywords as opposed to shorter, more specific ones. For example: “Dallas moving companies” instead of “AAA Aardvark Moving”. Most inquiries we receive from customers present us with search terms like “moving company Austin”, so your website must include the most relevant long-tail keywords and phrases wherever possible. This can be done through alt tags and meta descriptions in images and videos and also by including related terms in blog posts and article titles whenever possible.

10. Publish New Content Regularly if You Want Search Engines to Crawl and Index Your Site.

There’s a lot of overlap between how search engines and human audiences consume content, which means that if you want more organic traffic from Google, you’ll need to create fresh, original material and publish it on your website regularly. Whether this is through blog posts or informational videos, new content will help search engine bots crawl and index your site faster while also drawing more users over time.

11. Use the “H” Tag as Much as Possible for Each Image You Publish on Your Site.  

Alignment Online Marketing’s “Speed Boost Tools” are designed to help you choose the best file format for each image on your site based on its size, quality, and intended use. For example, large landscape images might look nice when they’re in full view or a slideshow but make it difficult for users to navigate the page when they’re small thumbnails since it takes longer to load larger files. On the other hand, image-heavy blog posts throughout your website should contain much higher resolution images that are appropriate for desktop screens. The H tag tool can show you exactly how much load time is lost by increasing or decreasing image size so that you know which file formats will work best depending on where they appear on your pages.

12. Entice Users to Leave Reviews on Google, Yelp, and Other Sites.  

Reviews are one of the most powerful ways you can influence how users and search engines perceive your website and business. Without high-quality customer reviews, it’s difficult for a moving company’s website – or any local business – to rank well in SERPs or gain any momentum online. To encourage more customers to leave reviews about their experience with your company, you’ll need to first collect as many as possible by encouraging them at every opportunity during the moving process. Then decide on the best time(s) and way(s) to repost those reviews so they appear on your site and also third-party sites like Google My Business and Yelp.

13. Create & Distribute Press Releases to Local Newspapers and Blogs.

Press releases are a great way to encourage local customers to visit your website, as well as reinforce the idea that you’re an established company with industry knowledge. You can write your own or hire a copywriter online if you don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself. Either way, press releases aren’t just important for SEO – they also help increase brand awareness which is crucial if you want your site’s traffic numbers to continue growing over time. Media outreach allows you to establish relationships with reputable journalists who might be interested in covering your business news in the future.

14. Use Schema Markup on Every Page Your Website That Has Unique Content.

This is the only way to get people without coding backgrounds up and running with Schema.org markup, but there are also lots of options for hand-coding if you wanted to do so instead. This particular plugin allows you to quickly and easily implement schema code on your website’s pages by adding simple lines of HTML above and below the content which tells Google exactly how each piece of content should be categorized. Use this tool to create structured data for reviews, events, companies, products, recipes, articles & blog posts, and many other types of online content that you want search engines like Google or Bing to understand better than they otherwise would.

15. Use Interaction Metrics from Google Analytics to Help You Determine Which Content Drives the Most Traffic.

Interaction metrics tell you how much user activity your site generates across all of its pages, which in turn helps you determine where to focus your content creation energy to get the best results. For example, if you notice that a particular blog post is generating more engagement than other pieces on similar subjects, then expand on that content topic and create even more valuable resources for potential customers and clients. You can also use analytics tools like Ahrefs or Moz Open Site Explorer (OSE) to find out which links are directing traffic toward your site and whether they’re coming from reputable sources.

16. Update Your Website & Blog Often with Relevant Content That Users will Consider Valuable Enough to Share With Their Friends Online.

Every update you make to your website or blog is a chance for you to spark conversation within the online community. If you provide valuable information, even if it’s about topics outside of moving services entirely, readers will share your content with their friends and networks because they’ll want them to benefit from what you have to say as well. One great way to encourage users to share interesting content about your company is by using a tool like AddThis that allows visitors to easily spread links on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and lots of other social platforms without leaving your site.

17. Make Sure All Links Lead To Your Main Landing Page & No More Than Four Additional Pages.  

In addition to creating relevant inbound links, ‘t forget that it’s important for outbound links to all point back to your homepage. If you’re linking out to other websites, make sure they’re relevant to the content on your site and that you don’t have more than four additional links following the click.

18. High-Quality Content Pushes Your Site Higher in Search Engine Rankings & That’s What Every Local Moving Company Needs to Stand Out Online.

What does this mean? It means if you want your moving company website or blog to be considered “high quality” by Google, then it’s important for users looking for movers online to find lots of great resources related to local moving services when they visit your site. Instead of creating low-quality content like short news articles with no value beyond immediate information, try providing lots of resources through blog posts that generate conversations and keep readers coming back for more.

19. Update Your Content Regularly to Keep It Relevant & Engaging For Readers.

Nothing will turn off an Internet user faster than a website that hasn’t been updated in years or only contains old information. If you want to rank well, make sure your content is both relevant and consistently timely so viewers can learn something new every time they visit your page. This also applies within the individual blog posts themselves as well as across multiple pages on your website’s domain – make sure everything is updating frequently enough to be considered engaging for visitors.

20. Improve User Experience with Interactive Content Types to Drive More Engagement With Potential Customers Online.

Interactive content is an effective way to boost user experience because it makes users feel engaged. Whether you’re creating a free eBook or other PDF documents for your site, include annotations that require visitors to complete actions before they can hear back from you in email, download the resource or continue to the next page.

21. Trust Signals are Another Important Factor That Can Increase Your Local Moving Company Site’s SEO Rankings

Search engines use trust signals like social media shares and positive reviews to determine how trustworthy a particular website is when ranking them in search results. One of the best ways for Local Moving Companies to increase their website’s trustworthiness is by encouraging customers who are happy with their business to leave reviews on Google+ Local, Yelp!, and other review sites.

22. Use Social Signals to Your Advantage & Earn A Reputation as a Reliable Local Moving Company.

Social media has changed the way companies in every industry interact with their customers, but it can be especially useful for local movers that are searching for new clients in nearby neighborhoods. Post pictures on Instagram of your satisfied customers, share YouTube videos about moving safety tips and list upcoming promotions through Twitter all to build an online community around your brand that will help you earn more business offline, too.

23. Get More Reviews By Sending Personalized Emails After Each Move is Completed by Your Customers Online.

The best way to encourage customers of any type to leave positive reviews on Google+ or other websites is by creating personalized messages that make them feel like their voice matters. Make them feel special, and they’ll be more likely to spread the word about the great moving experience they had with your local moving company.

24. Don’t Forget to Find Quality, Trustworthy Backlinks from Relevant Sites Online

Don’t forget that part of search engine optimization is not just making sure you’re earning quality backlinks – it’s also important where those links are coming from. Lots of Local Moving Companies try to pay for as many bad links as possible in an attempt to rank higher on Google, but this tactic will hurt your site over time because it makes it look less reputable than sites without any suspect-looking backlinks at all.

25. Build a Strong Online Presence by Optimizing Your Local Moving Company Site for Mobile Search

Even though Google’s algorithm now ranks responsive searches ahead of separate mobile websites, it’s still important to build a website that is optimized for smartphone users. After all, these are people searching specifically for moving services in their area – if your site looks unappealing or unprofessional to them, they’ll be more likely to click away and find another local mover who isn’t struggling with the same problem.

26. Making Your Website More Readable & User-Friendly Will Boost Your Local Moving Company SEO Rankings

The easier your website is to read and navigate, the better it will rank in search results. This idea applies especially to blog posts because trying to squeeze as many keywords as possible into a tiny space is an outdated SEO tactic that will just frustrate readers and drive them away.

27. Keep Your Site Updated With Fresh Content to Help You Attract More Local Movers Online

The biggest factor in search engine rankings is how frequently your website is updated, so make sure your home page has a blog where you post at least once per week about industry-related topics, and update each of your pages monthly with new content. If you don’t have time to publish original articles or write interesting posts regularly, consider hiring a marketing copywriter from sites like Upwork or PeoplePerHour to help you out.

If you want to rank high in search engine results, make your site easy for readers and visitors. Update it with fresh content regularly, and create quality backlinks that come from relevant sites only. If all of these SEO tips seem like too much work or if you’re looking for help implementing them into your own Local Moving Company website, let us know! Our team is always ready and waiting to partner with you on any project related to digital marketing – we’ll even get started without any upfront costs so there’s no risk involved whatsoever. Which of these SEO tactics has helped drive more traffic towards your company?

Client Testimonials For Local Moving Company SEO:

  • “Alignment Online Marketing is our go-to source for all of our local moving company SEO needs. They’ve completely revamped the way we market ourselves online, and their services are always affordable. We can’t recommend them enough.” – David E, Moyshe Moving in NYC
  • “We are extremely pleased with the job that Sarah and her team have done for us. They are always available to answer any questions we have, and they offer helpful suggestions when necessary. We plan on continuing our partnership for as long as possible because Alignment Online Marketing has helped us to reach more potential customers than ever before.” – Josh S, Eagle Moving in Miami FL
  • “Alignment Online Marketing provided us with a complete package of services, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and content writing. We couldn’t be happier with their work or their prices; we plan on keeping them as an integral part of our digital marketing strategy going forward!” – Steven F, Packing Boxes Movers in Atlanta GA
  • “Working with Alignment Online Marketing has been so rewarding. They’ve helped by Local Moving Company establish a strong online presence, and we now have the tools to target more customers than ever before.” – Roddrick B, No Limits Moving in Detroit MI
  • “We hired Alignment Online Marketing because they offered the most affordable website design services out of all our local moving company competitors. We didn’t expect them to be as helpful as they were, but Sarah turned us around! She walked us through all the different elements of SEO that would work for our business, implemented them into our site design, and then kept it updated on an ongoing basis. It doesn’t get much better than that!” – Zachary G, All Ways Moving in Cleveland OH
  • “We never imagined that our website could be so well-designed, easy to use, and efficient at capturing new leads. This is all thanks to Alignment Online Marketing’s top-notch Local Moving Company SEO services! Our site has already begun ranking higher in many popular search engines.” – James M., A&A Movers in Baltimore MD
  • “We were working with a different Local Moving Company firm before we found out about Sarah and her team. We wish we would have started with them from the beginning because they are hands down the best! They completely redesigned our entire website, implemented several Local Moving Company SEO techniques to boost rankings, and helped us establish an impressive social media following. Everything was done very quickly and at a very affordable price! We couldn’t ask for anything more.” – Michael D., Champs Moving in Los Angeles CA
  • “Alignment Online Marketing is my #1 go-to source when I need help with Local Moving Company SEO. No matter how complex the project is, they always deliver excellent results on time and within budget.” – Chad H., A to Z Movers in St Louis MO
  • “Like other businesses out there, we find it very difficult to keep up with all of our Local Moving Company online marketing needs. Luckily, Alignment Online Marketing has been able to take care of everything for us. They are extremely responsive whenever we have questions or concerns about what they’ve done, and their prices are unbeatable!” – Alex M., Fast Track Movers in Philadelphia PA
  • “I appreciate the hard work and fast results that Sarah and her team bring to our company. They went above and beyond what we were expecting with their Local Moving Company SEO services, and they did it all at a super affordable price! I highly recommend Alignment Online Marketing to any business that is looking for help in this area.” – Prince H., VIP Relo in Nashville TN
  • “Alignment Online Marketing is helping us reach more customers than ever before. Our website looks great, is user-friendly, and brings in thousands of new leads every month. It’s completely due to their Local Moving Company SEO services!” – Mary Lou G., A-1 Freeman Moving in San Francisco CA

Did You Know That a Local Moving Company’s Website is Essentially a Digital Marketing Hub?

A new study from the National Association of Realtors has found that more than 50% of people begin their home buying or selling process online. That means it’s even more important for a business to have an effective website, and it’s especially vital for moving companies! A potential customer will seek out your website when they are ready to move, so having one that is well-designed, full of valuable content, easy to use, and optimized for search engines are all qualities that you need now more than ever. These four factors are crucial if you want to gain traffic, generate leads, convert those leads into paying customers and keep them coming back over time. 

FAQ For Local Moving Company SEO

#1. What is Local Moving Company SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing your website, blog posts, and social media profiles to rank higher in major search engines for specific keywords that are relevant to your business. These terms can be any variation of “Local Moving Company near me” or “cheap moving company.” An example would be if you were small apartment movers in New York City offering affordable services. A person searching for this type of service would be looking for something very specific like “affordable NYC movers.” There are different ways to do it but the main goal is to show up on top in Google’s organic search results when someone types in certain words related to your industry/product/service. Google is currently the most popular search engine and takes about 50% of all online searches, so it’s essential to be appearing on top for your customers to see!

#2. What Can a Local Moving Company do to Attract More Customers?

First of all, you can’t rely on your customers finding you organically anymore. Years ago, businesses didn’t have as much competition which meant they could stand out with a little bit of SEO here and there. Nowadays, there are thousands if not millions of moving companies that want the same thing – more customers! If they keep their website up to date with fresh content and optimize it properly for keywords they will appear higher in Google results compared to companies who don’t take the time to optimize their site. This can lead to more Local Moving Company customers in your city, which is why it’s extremely important to spend time on this process. It takes a lot of creativity and technical skills to stay ahead in this game, but someone who knows will be able to gain an edge over other movers.

#3. How Does Search Engine Ranking Work?

When someone types in “cheap apartment movers” it’s not just Google that checks what results are being displayed. Every major search engine bot crawls every website being submitted to analyze its content, check for errors, run tests, etc. The results are based on whatever criteria the company decides beforehand so you might reappear under different keywords if they deem your website relevant enough. Major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo use different algorithms to check the quality of a website’s content so this is why it’s vital to know how to stay ahead of the game.

#4. What are Local Moving Company Keywords?

These are words or phrases that potential customers search for when looking for services like yours! They can be any variation of “cheap apartment movers” or “local moving company near me.” Some examples would be:

#5. How to do an SEO Audit on Your Local Moving Company Website?

An easy way to start with revamping your site is by doing an SEO audit – which involves analyzing every aspect of your website (content, aspects, etc) to see what’s working well, what can be improved upon, and how you can rank higher in search engines. There are many tools out there that check for aspects of your site that Google takes into consideration when ranking results. You should use this opportunity to find out what works best for your website so you can improve it further!

#6. How does Local Moving Company look at Search Engine Traffic Data?

This requires a little bit more technical skills since you would need web analytic software to constantly monitor the incoming traffic data over time. This will help show which keywords are getting you leads/business, helping you identify what parts of your site are doing well with users who are searching for different goods/services It also helps figure out ways to improve these keywords and create a better user experience, which will make them more likely to come back.

#7. What would be the Best Local Moving Company SEO Strategies?

There are many strategies out there for moving companies to use to succeed at SEO, but ultimately it comes down to what works best with your audience. You need to know where they’re coming from, how they’re looking for services like yours, and what they want from you before you can start optimizing your site. It’s also essential that every single page of your website has a unique meta tag since Google looks at this as a sign of authority for each page – which means if one page isn’t optimized properly it could damage the entire website when someone searches for different keywords.

#8. How to Use Local Moving Company SEO for PPC (Adwords) Campaigns?

If you’ve already started a PPC campaign and would like to use it as an advantage for your site, you need to make sure the keywords you’re bidding on are relevant enough to bring in potential customers who are more likely to become clients. If possible try and use the same keywords within the content of your website so that whenever someone searches them they’ll know your company is credible and trustworthy based on what’s written about services on your site. You can even place those terms into video titles/tags as well as IMDB pages if applicable too!

#9. What do I need to do on my Website’s Local Moving Company Page?

Each page of your site must include the following things to be optimized properly:

– A unique meta tag for every page

– Strong, relevant keywords in the content of the website

– Quality images with ALT tags so users know what they’re looking at – No errors/broken links

– Unique titles for every page (helpful if someone is using a URL shortener)

– Links with anchor text pointing back to your Local Moving Company website This will not only help Google find you easier when someone searches your targeted keywords but it also creates a better user experience. If people are directed somewhere with broken links or there are too many spelling mistakes then chances are they won’t want to continue with you.

#10. How does Local Moving Company get Links?

Links are important for any website since backlinks help increase the overall authority of your site – which in turn helps Google rank it higher up in their search engine results. However, these links must be coming from other sites/resources/brand names since it sends the message to Google that your site is reputable and trustworthy! Depending on what industry you’re in there could be plenty of ways for this to work out including guest posting, writing articles about different aspects of your company, building relationships with other businesses or websites that already have high-ranked content, etc.

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