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When it comes to marketing, the concept of ‘content is king’ rings true. In this day and age, you can’t be a successful business without content. But how do you get people to care about your content? How do you make sure that they see what you have to say? You create an online marketing strategy-a plan for getting your message out there in front of customers who are interested in what you’re selling or offering. And while there are many different ways that a locksmith could use for their online marketing strategies, here’s a few tips on how locksmiths should approach their efforts when it comes to social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

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21 Mobile Locksmith Marketing Strategies That Will Make You a Successful Business Owner 5

21 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Locksmith Website

You’ve built a great locksmith website, now you need to drive traffic. Getting customers to your home page is the first step in converting them into paying customers. The following are actionable tips that will help take your traffic to new heights and increase conversions of potential customers into actual customers. Experiment with different strategies to find which ones work best for your business.

1. Improve Your Online Profitability with Google My Business

We’ve all heard about the importance of local SEO. And while it’s certainly a good idea, businesses aren’t the only ones that stand to benefit from optimizing their online listings for Google. When potential customers search on Google for a product or service in your area, they want an answer as quickly and easily as possible-typically by clicking on a local business. Google My Business helps you easily optimize your local listings, so that you appear at the top of a relevant organic search for your city’s consumers.

2 . All About Video Marketing: Youtube SEO

In 2015, there were over 440million active users on youtube (read more). This enormous platform offers tremendous potential for locksmiths. (read more) There are a number of simple techniques you can use to optimize your video for search engines. How-to videos and product demos are prime candidates for youtube marketing, however nearly any video that helps facilitate conversions will be of value. The trick is treating your YouTube channel like another blog page: create unique content that’s optimized for maximum visibility.

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21 Mobile Locksmith Marketing Strategies That Will Make You a Successful Business Owner 6

3. Yelp Reviews Are Important To Locksmith Businesses SEO

Yelp is a powerful consumer review system that consists of 71million unique visitors per month and 70 million reviews (read more). Locksmiths can expect to be handed out 5-10 business cards a day from happy customers. If your lock & key or safes business receives even just two or three of these a week, you’ll probably be able to generate a substantial number of new leads by encouraging all customers to leave positive reviews on Yelp.

4 . Reach New Customers With Google’s Hot Searches Feature

Google AdWords is the most powerful advertising system available online. It provides an affordable way for locksmiths to reach extremely targeted potential customers. The Hot Searches feature is a great way to tap into the most popular search terms being used by consumers in your area. With this feature, you’re able to target specific keywords that are searched for an average of over 10 times a day, every day. The trick with AdWords is create compelling ads (read more) that are relevant to the consumer’s search query, and you’ll have a tremendous advantage over any non-PPC ads.

5 . The Power Of Mobile : How To Use Google’s Free Mobile Optimizer Tool

Mobile searches account for almost 50% of all internet searches (read more). If your marketing strategy isn’t taking mobile into account, you’re missing out. Google’s free Mobile Optimizer tool allows you to create custom code that will help your website display properly on mobile networks like Android and iPhone 4. Mobile optimization is a necessity for any serious digital marketing strategy, especially one designed around search engine rankings.

6 . Treat Local Advertising Like A Campaign

Local advertising isn’t just an easy way to generate qualified potential customers. It’s also a key component of your overall marketing strategy, and should be treated as such. With the proper attention, you can develop local ads that create substantial value for your business over time. The following tips can help:

• Get creative with ad copy-try A/B testing different headlines and different images

• Target new customers as well as loyal customers with special offers-for example, have you ever tried offering a recurring 10% discount for weekly service?

7. Stay Active On Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

If your business doesn’t yet have a Facebook business page or an Instagram profile, it’s time to get active. You can start using Facebook to reach potential customers by creating an advertising campaign (read more). Instagram is another social network worth investing in, and there’s no better time to do it than now.

8 . Guest Posting On Relevant Websites/Blogs

Guest posting has proven the most effective way for locksmiths to build their online reputation and authority. If your business is just getting started, however, you may experience difficulty finding a blog to accept guest posts from a locksmith business in the area. (read more) The best way around this-and exactly what most successful digital marketers do-is host an event that could be worthy of coverage.

9. Host An Event And Get Coverage From Reputable Journalists

The best way to get your name and business out there is to host or sponsor an event that could be interesting enough for reputable journalists to cover. The easiest type of event to host is one featuring a speaker in your area who has been featured on major news networks like CNN, NBC, FOX & ABC.

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21 Mobile Locksmith Marketing Strategies That Will Make You a Successful Business Owner 7

10 . Consistency Is The Key To Success On Local Business Directories

Local business directories are becoming more and more popular with consumers looking for quality locksmith services. If you’re not already paying to have your business listed on the main local online business directories like YP.com, Google Places and Bing Local you need to get started (read more). Don’t waste your money on a company that promises to list you on all the top local business directories at once. On average, it takes up about 10 months of paid advertising with multiple reputable companies before you see any results from these types of listings-if at all.

11 . Always Be Ready To Talk On The Phone

If your marketing strategy doesn’t involve planning for telephone inquiries, you’re at a disadvantage. SEO is not an instant fix-it requires patience and consistency to get results. As such, it’s vital to have a ready script written out which will help you close sales on the phone.  A professional locksmith with lots of paid advertising but no telephone scripts will find it tough to beat a professional locksmith who has not spent a dime on online marketing, but knows exactly what to say when they answer the phone.

12 . Go In-Depth On An Industry Subject And Create Your Own Resource Page

One of the best ways for locksmiths to differentiate themselves in the competitive market is to create resources that no other locksmith could provide. A good place to start would be writing an in-depth article about DIY security products and how they affect the locksmith industry at large (read more). You can also create informational videos on YouTube or other online video platforms, such as Vimeo.

13 . Try Different Marketing Ideas Before Promoting Your Business Directly

Online marketing is like a journey-so before you decide to promote your locksmith business directly it’s best to test out different advertising strategies and find out how effective they can be. You may find over time that content marketing, for example, brings in more leads than pay per click advertising, and vice versa. The key is to always be trying new things and staying ahead of the competition.

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21 Mobile Locksmith Marketing Strategies That Will Make You a Successful Business Owner 8

14 . Make Use Of YouTube

One of the most unique ways for locksmiths to attract customers is by creating informational videos on YouTube about how a lock works, or what types of security products can protect your home and business-or just making cool videos about locksmiths and the industry at large (read more). YouTube is also a great place to learn from how other locksmith businesses are successfully using online marketing.

15 . Make Use Of The Rising Popularity Of Infographics

Creating an infographic on your website about the benefits of choosing a professional locksmith over DIY self-installation can be a great way to stand out from the rest of competitors. In fact, placing your infographic on high ranking websites like StumbleUpon.com and Pinterest can do wonders to increase traffic to your site and improve rankings for relevant keywords in search engines (read more).

16 . Use An Effective Online Reputation Management Strategy

With all the negative reviews floating around Yelp, Angie’s List and other review websites it can be tough to build up confidence in consumers. One way you’re sure not to encounter any negative reviews is if you have a solid online reputations management strategy (read more).

17 . Write A Professional White Paper On Your Industry And Send It To Journalists

Writing a professional white paper on your industry can leave you with lots of leads as it helps to establish you as an expert in your field. It also provides a great opportunity to rank on Google for keywords that are directly related to the white paper (read more).

18 . Learn From Mistakes And Make Learning A Necessity In Your Marketing Strategy

Online marketing strategy is a process that always calls for learning new things. It’s important to ensure your business is constantly learning by not being afraid of mistakes and simply trying something new every once in a while.

19 . Create A Fresh & Useful Blog Post Series That Will Be Helpful To Your Customers And Drive Traffic To Your Website

You can directly increase traffic to your site by creating a fresh and useful blog post series that will be helpful to your customers and drive traffic to your website. If you plan on running an SEO campaign in the future, this is a great place to start ranking for keywords (read more).

20 . Reach Out To Industry Leaders With Questions And Networking Opportunities

An effective online marketing strategy involves staying connected with industry leaders. There are many online platforms that offer networking opportunities, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook (read more). You may also want to consider creating a business blog and contacting industry experts with questions about your desired business niche.

21 . Use Social Media Contests As A Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business And Reignite Old Leads

Creating a social media contest is an effective way to appeal to your customers and grow your business. You can also look at using contests as a way to reignite old leads (read more).

Most of us don’t think too much about the locksmith industry, but they are in fact a business that is only as successful as its marketing strategy. In today’s world where people have so many options for how to spend their money, it can be tough to design an online campaign that will actually drive sales and bring you more customers.

Fortunately, there are plenty of strategies available from some of the best minds in cognitive neuroscience that can help make your mobile locksmith website or storefront a success story. We hope these tips will inspire you to use what we’ve learned from behavioral neuroscience principles-and apply them to your own unique situation.

If you need any assistance with designing or implementing this type of digital marketing plan for your company, please let our team know. We offer white label digital marketing solutions for mobile locksmiths and other small businesses, designed to bring them more clients. This helps to set your business apart from the competition and ensures that you’re able to enjoy the fruits of this highly profitable industry.

If  you would like assistance with re-designing or implementing a website for your locksmith business, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to see what we can do for you.


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