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Locksmiths have been around for a long time – since the 1800s in fact. The locksmith profession has evolved over the years as technology has changed, and these days there are many different types of locks that require different skills to work on them.

It is important for any business to adapt to the times in order to stay relevant, but it can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. Read this article for 15 tips on how you can increase traffic on your locksmith website!

1. Have an FAQ section on your website

These days, everyone is very busy and literally has the world at their fingertips through technology such as smartphones and tablets. People are going to want quick answers to any questions they may have about your services, and if you don’t provide these you can lose potential customers. Having a list of your most frequently asked questions on your locksmith website is perfect for this, as it saves them time and allows you to provide the information they want.

2. Use a blog with relevant content

People like to read quality content that has been specifically written for them by businesses or companies they are interested in, so if you have the time to write a blog for your website then this is the perfect opportunity to do so. With so many people using social media on their phones and tablets, making sure that your blogs are mobile-friendly will allow you to reach more people.

3. Online reviews are important

If you want potential customers to choose your business, it is essential that you have plenty of positive online reviews. People don’t want to leave their homes and go out to a business that no one else has trusted enough to use before, so you need good solid information on your locksmith website about who you are and what you do.

4. Choose a niche market for your services

Targeting a certain segment of the market for your services is a great way to increase traffic on your locksmith website. Everyone has something specific in mind when they are looking for a locksmith, so by choosing a particular area such as key cutting or safe installation, you will not need to compete with other businesses and can provide more personal service.

5. A blog is important for providing information to your customers

A blog is a great way to provide information to people that may be interested in what you do. You can choose a variety of topics and keep them up-to-date with articles about new services or technology that both businesses and homes need. Remember, it doesn’t have to be long! People will appreciate any information you provide and can use to make an educated decision.

6. Ensure your contact details are easily found on a locksmith website

It is essential that potential customers can easily find your contact details such as your phone number or address on a locksmith website so that they can get in touch with you quickly and efficiently. It is better to provide this information upfront, rather than make them search around your website for it.

7. A lot of competition doesn’t mean more traffic for a locksmith website

Too much competition can be just as bad as not enough, so if you have several other businesses in the area providing similar services to what you do on your locksmith website, you may need to focus on other marketing techniques. There are many people who will choose a business just because it is further away from one they don’t want to use.

8. Ensure all of the information provided on your website is up-to-date – especially contact details

While it may be tempting to leave your contact details out of the site, or let someone else respond to customer queries on social media, this can be very frustrating for potential customers. Be sure that all of your contact information is current so that people don’t have to search through your website before they are able to get in touch with you about your services.

9. Mobile friendly websites should be a priority

The majority of people are now using the internet on their phones or tablets, so for your locksmith website to be successful you need to ensure that it is mobile responsive. This not only makes your site look great, but also makes sure potential customers can easily navigate around it and get in touch with you as quickly as possible.

10. Offer special deals on your website to attract potential customers

It is important for you to find a way to stand out from the crowd of other locksmiths and businesses that provide similar services to what you do, so having exclusive offers or discounts available only on your locksmith website can be a great way to entice new customers. Just make sure that you are able to deliver on the services and products you advertise, or you may find yourself with more work than you can handle!

11. Differentiate your business from others by providing a service not offered by others around

Providing a special or unique service in your area is a great way to ensure that you are the go-to business for that service. It can provide a great sense of satisfaction to know that people are coming to you because they truly appreciate what you do, and it often results in repeat customers when the word gets around your area about your services.

12. Have clear pricing on your website and stick to it

Having transparent pricing is very important so that potential customers are not shocked when they get their bill. Make sure that your prices are clear and easy to find on your locksmith website or you may end up with people backtracking when they receive a large invoice. It is also a great idea to offer some sort of guarantee for the work you do.

13. Make sure your website can be easily viewed on all screen sizes

It is important that your locksmith website looks great regardless of the size of the device it is being viewed on, because this is how most people are viewing websites nowadays. If you have a responsive site or one designed for mobile users you will ensure that the majority of your visitors find it easy to navigate through your site and contact you.

14. Put yourself out there by making sure social media is a priority

Social media is quickly becoming the norm for most businesses, so if you want to be successful in your industry, you need to start using some sort of social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. You will find that many of your customers are already using these platforms so it is a great way to be able to communicate with them and offer them information about deals or specials available only through your social media accounts.

15. Be sure to stay on top of the latest news in your industry

There are often changes made in the locksmith industry, or new technology introduced, that can make a big difference to your business. It is important for you to stay up-to-date with the latest news and events in your area so that you can adjust accordingly when necessary.

It’s clear that locksmiths need to be mobile-friendly, offer special offers on their website, and stay up-to-date with the latest news in order to attract potential customers.

If you’re looking for help staying one step ahead of your competitors or want expert advice about how to create a stellar marketing plan that drives traffic and sales by considering human behavior, we can help! Our team of experts is ready and waiting to partner with you so you don’t have any more worries about losing out on business due to a lack of accessibility or transparency.

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